Five Tips For Designing A Bathroom Remodel

If you are thinking about doing a bathroom remodel, you will want to be sure that you design it in a way that is both functional and appealing. Here are five tips that can help you put together the best bathroom remodel design:

  1. Toilet Shouldn't Be Seen When you Enter: The toilet should definitely not be the first thing that you see when you enter the bathroom. This is because it's not an appealing focal point. On top of this, whenever someone passes the bathroom, you don't want them to see the toilet, especially if they are moving past the bathroom to the kitchen. This is definitely not something that is appealing to look at right before eating. 
  2. Create the Right Lighting: Be sure that you incorporate all the right lighting in your bathroom space. You not only want overhead lights, but you should also have task lighting, accent lighting, and even some decorative lighting. The task lighting would be the lighting that is placed above the mirrors over the sink and the accent lighting would accent the counter space and tub by sitting underneath the edges. 
  3. Install a Corner Sink: If you are working with a small bathroom space, it's best to install a corner sink. A corner sink will save you a great deal of space that you can use for storage and more. 
  4. Consider a Shower Instead of a Tub: The best thing about converting your bathtub into a shower is that it creates a sense of more open space, especially if you choose a frameless shower door. However, this is best to only do in the master bedroom where a shower is typically preferred over a bath. This is because you want to keep a tub in the extra bathroom down the hall, especially if you have children who prefer baths or if you plan on selling your home in the near future to a family who would prefer a tub over a shower for the children. 
  5. Install at Least One Window: Having at least one window in the bathroom is important because you want to be sure that you keep as much moisture out of the bathroom as possible. Whenever you shower, you should have the window slightly ajar with the air vent on. This will prevent moisture and mold growth. 

By incorporating these five design tips in your bathroom remodel, you can be sure that you end up with a bathroom that is appealing and functional for you and future families that move in when you decide to sell. Contact a local interior design business like Grover's Interiors Inc for more information.

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