Is Your House Refusing To Sell? Call A Designer Fast

If you are having a difficult time selling your house and your realtor thinks that it may be the furniture or style of décor, consider hiring interior designers to stage the property. There are many benefits to doing this, and you may be surprised at the results. 

If there have already been a lot of people through your house you may want to have your realtor take it off the MLS, and then have new pictures of the property taken. Here are a few reasons why the interior designer is important.

Modern and New

The interior can help make the place look modern and new, so the space becomes somewhere that a buyer would want to live. If you have outdated colors, hardware or other feature, they may have to be replaced in order to sell the property. The designer can completely change the way buyers feel when they enter your space.

Design Tricks

If you have a small bathroom or area, it's important to lift off the area rugs to make the space look bigger. There are certain colors that trigger the mind and create vibes in the room, and the interior designer knows all these important tricks to make sure that the house looks big, open, spacious, bright and welcoming. You could be overcrowding your house, using the wrong color furniture or not maximizing space, so the buyers have a misconception about the layout or size of the property.


The modern color schemes of yellow and gray, blue and teal, or others may not be your taste, but for young buyers they are important. The interior designer will know where to put what pieces of furniture, when you need to add furniture to the room, and what additions are needed, like a kitchen island or turning a dining room into an office, to attract potential buyers. Using permanent botanicals to look like fresh flowers in the space is great, and you can take these with you to another house.

If you are wasting a lot of money while your house sits on the market, and you don't want to keep paying the mortgage, it's worth having an interior designer (such as one from Persimmon Lane) come in to get the house sold right away. Ask your realtor to have people that have already toured the property come back through since there have been changes made. You may be able to increase the cost of the property if it looks more modern and new, and you may get more offers and interest as soon as you upload the new pictures to the real estate site. 

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