Four Shortcuts To A Room Perfectly Designed For You

Do you feel as though the furniture and accessories inside of your home are boring? Perhaps you are overwhelmed and feel like you own too much "stuff." If so, the following points can get you on your way to changing the appearance of your living space. 

Re-purpose items. 

You likely have a few items around your home that can be repurposed to create a new look. For example, you could use lawn care items that have been gently or never used to create an interesting look in a room. A watering can could be used to hold flowers. You could also hang items such as rakes or shovels on the wall. If you will be opening the windows in the room on breezy days, you could consider putting windchimes in the room rather than outdoors. Keep in mind that it is possible to also use lawn care items that are somewhat beaten up from exterior work. These could be cleaned and repurposed if you are aiming for a rustic room scheme. 

Repaint walls and furniture. 

A fresh coat of paint can drastically improve the appearance of a room. You can create an even more dramatic look by painting the walls a different color. If there is furniture in the room that has a wood surface, consider painting it as well. You should paint walls and furniture that will be in the same room with contrasting colors. You can use light colors to contrast dark colors. It is also possible to use a metallic color to create a contrast. For example, you could opt to paint your walls a dark purple color, and you could use gold or silver paint on wooden portions of furniture to contrast with the dark paint. Wall borders can add more appeal to your color contrast scheme. 

Recycle and remove clutter. 

You likely have some items that you are keeping that you will never use. They may not even have a specific place in your home. Removing clutter will aid in making your home more visually appealing to you and others. For example, a cluttered dresser can cause a bedroom to look uninviting, and a cluttered vanity or hall area can also do similar visual damage. You want it to be immediately obvious that you have made some design improvements, and therefore, the clutter must go. Recycle items that can be recycled, or give them away to be repurposed by someone in need. 

Reconsider your options. 

For many people, the process of do-it-yourself interior design and home improvement is overwhelming. An interior designer is a good resource to use if you prefer a professional and comprehensive approach to redesigning the interior of your home. They can assist by using the items you own and desire to keep, and they may also be able to locate other items to bring your dream room to life. Contact a professional like Stephanie Kratz Interiors for more ideas.

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