3 Essentials For Your Dream Walk-In Closet

Whether you are building your home from the ground up or remodeling part of your house, the overall design and function of your closets is an imperative feature to focus on. A walk-in closet does not only help you store and arrange your clothing and accessories, but they are also appealing features that can help you sell your home in a more efficient and profitable manner. Therefore, using this guide of must-have features is key when designing your dream closets.

Custom Shelving

Many builders install wire shelves and simple bars inside closets, which are sufficient for hanging up clothes. However, wire shelves and closet bars will not help you organize and maintain an attractive and functional closet space. Plus, these ordinary fixtures are not very attractive.

A closet full of shelves in different sizes and shapes in addition to various spaces with bars for hanging garments adds a custom look to your closet while helping you get and stay organized.

Consider incorporating drawers, as well, for lingerie and jewelry, and tilted shelves for shoes. Specialized shelves for storing handbags is also wise, especially if you have high-end or collectible purses that should be displayed.

Custom Seating

Another way to add style, value, and function to your custom closet is to incorporate seating into the space. You may not think a seat is necessary, but it can be beneficial when dressing or preparing your outfit.

A built-in bench is one of the easiest ways to add seating to your closet. This bench can be designed into the actual shelving. It can also be built into unusable space located beneath a window. Opt for a wood bench with upholstered cushion in a material that matches your décor.

Purchasing a round ottoman or stool and arranging it in the center of your custom closet is also a good option to consider. Make sure the ottoman is upholstered in your preferred color or pattern. It should also be comfortable, allowing you to sit and dress in an effective and easy-going manner.

Custom Lighting

As with other areas of your home, lighting is an imperative part of a space's function and style.

Natural light is always best, since it will bring the color and texture of your garments to life. If you do have windows in your closet, make sure they are not covered with heavy shades or drapes. Blinds or shutters create privacy while allowing in natural light.

If your closet does not have any windows, install lights that create the same look and feel as natural light. A decorative chandelier in the center of your closet's ceiling in addition to accent lighting throughout the custom shelves are all perfect lighting additions for your closet. 

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