Half Bath Hacks: Interior Design Tips For Giving Your Half Bath A Makeover

When it comes to interior design, the half bath isn't something that gets much attention. Perhaps it's the small size that makes it seem insignificant or the fact that it typically only consists of a toilet and sink. However, with a little tender loving care, the half bath can be as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Color it bold

One of the fastest ways to bring new life to your half bath is to paint it a bold or daring color. Dark teal, burnt orange, or purple are fun options to choose from if you want to breathe new life into a white or neutral bathroom. While dark colors are generally thought to make a room look smaller, using the right accents with dark colors will keep the color from overpowering the room.

A dark color makes a fantastic backdrop against a white pedestal sink. If you have a wooden cabinet sink, consider replacing the standard sink bowl with a beautiful and unique vessel sink in white to contrast with your wall color.  

A mirror is a must

A large mirror is a must-have element in any half bath. Placed above the bathroom sink, a mirror will make the room look larger and give it an open feel. Choose a mirror finish, such as brass or antique gold, to complement your design style.

If your bathroom sink is round, choose a square or rectangle mirror to create a nice contrast. A square or rectangle sink will look best with an oval or circular shaped mirror.

Light matters

Great lighting cannot be overemphasized, especially if your half bath doesn't have a window. Sconce style lights hung on each side of the mirror will make a lovely statement in your half bath.

Get creative with accents

Little accents will make a big impact in a half bath. White or ivory hand towels will give the room a crisp and fresh look. A wastebasket in brass or copper will give the room a touch of glam. Look for brass towel rings and toilet paper holders to add some extra bling.

Decorative glass soap pumps will dress up the sink top. A small vase of flowers in a color that contrasts with the wall color will add just the right pop of color to the room.

Giving your half bath a makeover is a small project that can be completed with a minimal investment of time. It's the perfect room for trying out bold colors and accent pieces. The end results will be worth the time spent, and your once neglected half bath will get the attention it deserves.

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