Thinking About Redesigning Your Home? 3 Modern Styles You Should Think About

When it comes to creating a beautiful, interesting home, many people wonder which decorating direction to take. With millions of different décor pieces, furniture items, throw pillows, and area rugs on the market, it's tough to narrow down a design and stick with a theme. However, by carefully considering your options, things can become easier than ever before. Here are three modern home décor styles you should think about. 

1. Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style combines old and new. With worn wood, plenty of shiplap, natural stone, and bright, open layouts, the modern farmhouse look pairs just as well for people who love old-world charm and people who prefer a more minimal look. 

If you opt for modern farmhouse décor, make sure that all of the details of your new place fall in line with the look. Be on the watch for faucets and hardware with that old look, flooring that looks like it was made in the local woodshop, and tile that will build character in the bathrooms. 

2. Industrial

If you like the idea of older things but you want something with a little more edge to it, you may enjoy the industrial look. Industrial décor celebrates the upcycling of old industrial light fixtures, floors, walls, and even windows, making your space beautiful and giving it some depth. Industrial décor can combine handmade metal banisters, interesting metal doors, and even bright, fluorescent signs that add a little character to the space. 

3. Scandanavian

If you love visiting low-cost, warehouse-style décor stores, you might be really happy with a Scandinavian décor style. Known for its minimal nature and simplicity, Scandinavian décor celebrates the pared-down lifestyle and highlights that with natural woods, clean lines, and simple metal shapes. From geometric rugs to all-white plant pots, Scandinavian interior design simplifies your decorations and lets your home's personality speak for itself. 

Remember, even if you love a home décor style and someone you know or love is less-than-thrilled about the idea, all that matters is what you like. Since you will be living in the space, it makes the most sense to prioritize your own ideas. After all, investing in your home is a great move that can make every single day a little more enjoyable. Consider working with a home designer to make things easier since they have contractors, suppliers, upholsterers, and great furniture shops on hand. 

To learn more, contact a home designer.

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