What Is A Certified Third-Party Architectural Review?

There are often concerns about the architectural integrity of buildings. For folks with such worries, that's where a certified third-party architectural review can be valuable. You may wonder what a certified architectural review is, so take a look.

Code Compliance

A review almost always has to make sure that architectural components of a building comply with codes. This applies at the local, state, and federal levels. Such concerns cover everything from disaster-proofing structures to making sure buildings comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Similarly, reviewers may need to address questions about compliance with certain industry-specific standards.

Due Diligence

Documenting things for the government's benefit is important. However, many other parties may have stakes in a building. For example, it's common for a bank that's planning to finance a building or renovation effort to ask for due diligence. The same goes for investors, owners, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Insurers also may ask for architectural reviews. A certified architectural review will provide you with professional reports that serve this role.

Help with the Design Process

In the same way that a writer might ask an editor to review their work, an architect may need similar support. Foremost, it's just a good idea to ask for an independent perspective. A certified third-party architectural review can ensure that a professional's work hasn't omitted something critical.

Similarly, a certified architectural review can spread out some of the workload. This allows an architect to focus on working through the design process while allowing the reviewer to assess practical concerns. A review can cover many issues, including structural, environmental, aesthetic, and mechanical ones.

Damage Assessments and Forensics

While it's normal to ask for a review when projects are in the pipeline, there are also some cases where a professional has to assess damage at a location. This can happen after fires, storms, floods, and other events. Although the certified architectural review usually isn't a substitute for things like inspections by city regulators, a reviewer can still advise. This is helpful for speeding up recovery efforts and identifying problems relating to incidents.

You might also need someone to report on what happened to a structure. For example, a company may need to present evidence for an insurance claim. A reviewer can assess the site and contribute reports for the case. They also can work with attorneys or insurance adjusters to fill in knowledge gaps about structural issues.

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