Interior Design Recommendations For Pairing Lilac

If you have decided to paint a room in your home or you have decided that you want to get accent furniture in lilac, your next step is to determine what kind of color is going to accent it best. Lilac is a delicate color, so choosing the right interior design options will make a significant difference in the appearance of your home.

In fact, you will find many different options that pair well with lilac. These are some colors you might consider for your interior design project.


White is one of the most obvious choices for pairing with lilac. White can help heighten the lilac color, bringing an air of subtlety to the room. The best news is that white is easy to find, and you can bring this to all the furniture you purchase for the room.


If you are going for a more sophisticated look, gray is going to be one of your best options. Gray is perhaps more subtle than white, but it adds an air of elegance to the room you are working in.


You will also see more depth added to your room if you pair lilac with teal. Teal is a bit bolder than some of the other options on this list, but it helps you add furniture that stands out in a less traditional way. This pop of color can bring down the warmth in the room.

Peach or Tan

If you are not sold on yellow but love warmth, try adding a peach or tan color to the room. This will help you bring in a pastel shade that creates warmth. This is also a color that is subtle enough to bring more levity to the room.


Yellow is a great choice to pair with purple because it creates a little more light in the room. It's also reminiscent of flowers, which helps you create a wonderful theme in a bedroom, for instance. Yellow will bring more warmth to your project.

Burgundy Red

A purple-tinted red is going to bring depth to any room. In fact, this is a great choice for a living room or dining room where a set of chairs can help add more color to a monochromatic room.

Choose an Interior Designer You Trust

Are you still choosing colors for your room? An interior designer can help. Contact an interior designer to discuss your color options and what you can do to bring your project to another level. They can help you decide which interior design methods work in your space. 

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